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SIC Cups
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 So what's the deal with us giving away free stuff?....  It is simple, I purchased one of these cups for my personal use and loved it.  So at the shop when we think about new ways to compete against the Big Box Companies we have to think outside the box a bit.  Erin happened to see my SIC bottle and said "People would love one of those bottles as a freebie".   "Perfect" was my answer, so we now added these awesome bottles to our freebie options.  So if you buy a bathroom kit, macerator or grinder from us, you can choose between a Glow Bowl or a SIC Insulated Bottle.  If you want to buy extra SIC bottles you can do so and we will ship them with your system.  They are awesome bottles way cheaper then competition.  Check them out at

SIC 27oz Insulated Bottle.

  • SERIOUS TECHNOLOGY - Double Wall Vacuum Insulated for extreme temperature retention!
  • SERIOUS WARRANTY - Lifetime warranty! Yes you read that right - if your SIC cup ever fails to live up to it's expectations we will gladly get you another one or refund your money!
  • SERIOUSLY STRONG - Made from kitchen grade 18/8 Stainless Steel the SIC cup is ready to roll with you anywhere you want
  • SERIOUSLY SWEAT FREE - The double wall construction completely prevents any temperature transfer to exterior wall therefore eliminating any condensation or change in temperature where you hold your hand. Your cup will always remain a comfortable temperature for you to hold but your drink inside will be either ice cold or piping hot!
  • Carabiner Lid - ´╗┐allows quick and easy storage of your SIC bottle on any purse, backpack, etc.  This handy feature is hard to find on a bottle of this size

SIC Beachwood

  • PERFECT FOR WINE - Red wines are best to be served between 55-65 degrees while white wine is best 49-55 degrees. Keep your wine at that perfect temperature.
  • PERFECT FOR COFFEE – Some prefer their coffee piping hot while others prefer iced coffee. Our vacuum insulation will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature.
  • PERFECT FOR COCKTAILS – Say goodbye to watered down cocktails!
  • PERFECT FOR BEER – Let’s put it this way… It wasn’t an accident that this tumbler fits a beer perfectly.
  • SWEAT FREE – Tired of being told to put use a coaster? Tired of rings on your coffee table or condensation on your counter? Our insulation technology guarantees a sweat free drinking experience.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – The design is not only beautiful but also very functional. We designed the 12oz tumblers to fit perfectly in your hand and also in your cup holder.
  • SPLASH-PROOF LID – The 12oz tumblers come standard with the SIC unbreakable splash-proof lid.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Just like all SIC products, you can rest assured that your product will be guaranteed for life (register your product at
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