Saniflo Sanibest Classic Round Kit

Saniflo Sanibest Classic             Round Kit
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 Limited Time Only.

The original Sanibest 3/4 hp grinder is back.  These units were held on hand for warranty purposes, but now you can buy them at a significant discount compared to its big brother the Sanibest Pro.  It is an excellent system for residential or commercial environments.  The differences between this system and its replacement is that this is slightly less powerful 3/4hp as opposed the Sanibest Pro 1 HP.  This system also has more restrictive access to the switches, capacitor and electric components as the Sanibest Pro has an easy access design.  It does carry the 3 year warranty which is the same  as all the current systems.

This Kit Includes

  • Saniflo Sanibest 3/4hp Grinder
  • Saniflo Round Toilet Bowl & Slow Close Seat 083
  • Saniflo Toilet Tank 005

**If you are looking at the Saniplus, this is a no brainer....Less money but you get the heavy duty grinder.

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Price $1,030.00