Saniflo Sanimarin Maxlite Toilet

Saniflo Sanimarin Maxlite Toilet
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 The Saniflo Sanimarin Maxlite is the latest model from Sanimarin, it combines light weight with rugged design and performance. It is a direct replacement for the frustrating hand pump units found on many vessels.  I personally installed this unit on my boat and love it.  It was easy to install, fit perfectly with the bolt pattern of my broken Jabsco and the best part is I don't have to show people how to use it.  The best part is it has a self-contained/ self-priming raw water pump so no need for a pressurized water system. Easy to use rocker switch is mounted to a nearby wall, push the rocker switch one way to fill the bowl then rock the other direction to discharge the waste water to the black water tank.

Discharge:  10 Ft vertically / 100 Ft horizontally

Non-return valve: Integrated

Discharge pipe diameter: 1" or 1-1/2"

Power/Voltage: 300 W (12V) or 360 W (24V)

Electrical consumption: 0.007Ah (12V) and 0.004Ah (24V) per second

Water consumption:  Quantity decided by user

Water use:  System comes with a built-in self-priming pump.

The Maxlite cannot be connected to a pressurized water supply system. 

Weight: 17.6 Lbs

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Price $573.00