Drain Pumps

Commercial or Residential, Saniflo has a powerful & fully automatic pump to handle your wastewater from sinks.  Perfect for Bar Sinks, Kitchen Sinks, Laundry Tubs or Washing Machines.

Saniflo Sanicom 1 Commercial Gray Water Pump Saniflo Sanicom 2 Heavy Duty / Commercial Drain Pump Saniflo Sanivite
Saniflo Sanicom 1 Heavy Duty/Commercial Gray Water PumpSaniflo Sanicom 2 Heavy Duty / Commercial Drain PumpSaniflo Sanivite

The Saniflo Sanicom 1 is a Heavy Duty Commercial Drain Pump for high demand situations such as commercial kitchens, barista stations or direct connection to laundry machines

The Sanicom 2 is a new breed of Heavy Duty/Industrial drain pumps, with two 2 HP motors, the power and pumping ability is unmatched in a pump this size.

The Sanivite is our heavy duty gray water pump for sinks, tubs, beverage stations etc.




Saniflo Sanishower saniflo saniswift part 021 Saniflo Sanicondens BEST
Saniflo SanishowerSaniflo SaniswiftSaniflo Sanicondens BEST

Small grey water pump ideal for use in tight spaces for sinks or showers.

The Saniswift is a compact yet powerful gray water pump, perfect for bar sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry tubs etc.

The Sanicondens Best is one of the most powerful and quiet condensate pumps on the market.




Saniflo Sanicondens
Saniflo Sanicondens

For removal of condensate from air conditioners and high-efficiency gas furnaces