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Help & FAQs

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General Questions

What is a Saniflo basement bathroom? 

A Saniflo basement bathroom refers to a type of bathroom that utilizes a Saniflo macerating or grinding pump system to facilitate the efficient disposal of waste and wastewater from toilets, sinks, and showers located in the basement of a building. The system is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional gravity-based plumbing systems in basement installations.

How does a Saniflo system work? 

A Saniflo system works by using a macerating or grinding pump to break down solid waste and toilet paper into a fine slurry. The pump then pushes the slurry through small-diameter pipes to the existing sewer or septic tank. The system operates on electricity is activated automatically by flushing the toilet or draining the sink or shower.

Can a Saniflo system handle heavy usage? 

Yes, Saniflo systems are designed to handle regular usage in residential and commercial settings and regular usage is good for the units . However, it is essential to choose the appropriate model based on the anticipated usage and consult with an expert to choose the correct system.

Are Saniflo systems reliable and long-lasting? 

Saniflo systems are known for their reliability when properly installed and maintained. They lead the way with innovation and reliability in the management of waste water.  With proper installation and regular use you should see upwards of 10-12 years of life.

How Long is the Warranty? 

4 Years total if you register your new system with Saniflo. At we are the only distributor to manage the first year directly.  Years 2,3 and 4 are managed by the manufacturer.  

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Price, Delivery and Expertise!.  We stock everything here at our facility, orders typically ship the same day if ordered by 3pm. Buying direct has many advantages as you eliminate middle men which improves the experience for the buyer.

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