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4" Extension Pipe Trim Plate Saniflo Saniplus 2 Saniflo Saniplus Capacitor, 45 Microfarad
4" Extension Pipe Trim PlateSaniflo Saniplus 2Saniflo Saniplus Capacitor, 45 Microfarad

A SanifloStore exclusive! This 4" wall trim plate is to be used with our extension pipes.  It is rust resistant chrome but can easily be painted to match your wall color.

The original and industry standard in macerating pumps, a long time best seller!

If your Saniflo Saniplus is humming you may need to replace your capacitor.




Saniflo Saniplus Oval Replacement Membrane Glow Bowl Toilet Night Light Saniflo SaniNeutral
Saniflo Saniplus Oval Replacement MembraneGlow Bowl Toilet Night LightSaniflo SaniNeutral

Is your pump slow to turn on or turn off or not turning on at all?  You may want to check out your membrane.

These are the coolest little gadgets for your toilet.  Great for your New Saniflo System, Free With the Purchase of Any Toilet Kit or Self Contained System

Acidic condensation from boilers is bad for the environment, SaniNeutral can take care of it.




Saniflo Descaler/Cleanser Saniflo Extension Pipe Saniflo Sanialarm
Saniflo Descaler/CleanserSaniflo Extension PipeSaniflo Sanialarm


Keep your Saniflo clean and running at optimum performance levels with this specially formulated cleaner.


This is the most recommended upgrade to your Saniflo system, conceals the pump and piping behind the wall!!!

Water Level alarm for Sanibest, Saniplus, Sanigrind, Sanipack and Sanivite pumps.




Saniflo White Round Complete Bowl and Tank Saniflo White Elongated Complete Bowl and Tank
Saniflo White Round Complete Bowl and TankSaniflo White Elongated Complete Bowl and Tank

White Saniflo Round rear discharge toilet for use with our Saniflo UpFlush Macerators and Grinders

White Saniflo Elongated rear discharge toilet for use with our Saniflo UpFlush Macerators and Grinders