Saniflo TurboFlush M200 Elongated Kit

Saniflo TurboFlush M200 Elongated Kit
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This Kit Includes the following:

  • Saniflo M200 Macerating Pump and all the couplings needed
  • Elongated Bowl And Tank, Water Sense Certified Low Flow 1.28gal per flush
  • Free Saniflo Slow Close Toilet Seat
  • Free Fed Ex Ground Shipping, No Sales Tax


So whats the difference between The Turboflush M200 and the Sanitop? We have lined them up side by side in our shop and the two units are nearly identical. Aesthetically both units are well designed and finished in the quality you would expect from Saniflo. Both are designed to manage the toilet and a hand sink.  The design of the Sanitop is more rounded on the top where the Turboflush is squared off. The inlet and vent outlet on the Sanitop are on the same side, on the Turboflush they are on either side of the pump. The macerating blade and internals are identical. The couplings and clamps included are identical.   Strange part, The Turboflush literature states they can pump 9ft vertically, but with the same HP rating and internals we were puzzled so we confirmed with Saniflo that they will pump to the 12ft level like the Sanitop.  Check out the photos of the two pumps side by side. After selling thousands of these pumps, I am telling customers to take advantage of the pricing and go with the Turboflush while we have them.  **Supplies are limited and they will sell fast so do not hesitate.**

The pump is designed to fit directly behind the bowl as you see in the photo or you can hide the pump inside the wall or in an adjacent room with the use of the Saniflo extension pipe which we also sell but must be purchased in addition to the kit (if you can run the extension it is a great option as it hides the piping and the pump).


Warranty:  2 Year Saniflo Warranty On Pump, 1 Year On Porcelain

What should I expect when the shipment arrives?  You will receive two boxes via Fed Ex ground, they are heavy duty boxes to protect your new system.  Inside the larger box will be the bowl and seat and then the smaller box has the pump, tank and any accessories you buy.  Be sure to keep copies of your receipt for proof of purchase.  Because of the high value, insurance is necessary and we pay for it....the one catch is somebody will have to be home to sign for the boxes.  If that is not possible you can arrange with fed ex to hold the packages at the hub, deliver to a Fed Ex Kinkos store.



Dimensions: Including Pump Only

H 10-1/8" x W 16-3/4" x D 7"

H 26 cm x W 42.5 cm x D 17.8 cm

Motor: Induction Motor(no carbon brushes or gears),tested over 50,000 cycles. 3600 rpm.

Electrical supply: 110-115V; 60Hz; Max Amperage: 7.2 amps; 0.4 HP

Discharge: Pumps vertically to 15 ft (3.7 m) Horizontally to 150 ft (25 m)

Gravity Fall on 1/4" per Ft

Discharge Pipe Diameter: 3/4"

Construction Materials: Polypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, Neoprene Max. temp. 104°F (40°C)

Normal Running Time: 10–15 seconds subject to installation pipe run

Water per Flush: 1.28 us gal/flush, 4.8 liter

Discharge Rate: Discharge Rate at 12 Ft – 17 gal/min (66 l/m) Discharge Rate at 3 Ft - 27 gal/min (103 l/m)

Designed to function with: Toilet, Sink

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Price $860.00